Road Company is back!

Fall Road Co. ’09 is now in full swing! We’re in the middle of our 2nd full week of touring, and off to a good start. We’ve been performing Super School almost every day, and been getting used to playing new superheros. And toting around a ladder, a Life Support Terraforming Widget, and a sign that says “Martian Marsh” (I’ve noticed other drivers staring at it peeking out our van window).

It’s been good performing for kids again. The energy of the young, new bunch of kindergartners is amazing. There have been many shrieks of excitements and giggles during Super School and Alexander and the Dragon. The audiences aren’t quite as rambunctious during New Girl, but certainly engaged.  It seems that even the most skeptical middle schoolers are asking us at the end if the story continues. After one of our New Girl performances last week, I had a girl come up and thank me for coming to her school. She told me that she gets teased a lot, and that she used to react with anger, but has been learning other ways to respond.

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