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Tartuffe Family Photo Album

I wanted to introduce you to the crazy family that is currently occupying our stage:

 Orgon:  A very guilible father with a bit of a temper

Don Brady playing Orgon in “Tartuffe”

Madame Pernelle:  Orgon’s mother; a formidable woman

Ruth McKee playing Madame Pernelle in “Tartuffe”

Elmire:  Orgon’s smart and savvy wife

Jesse Notehelfer playing Elmire in “Tartuffe”

Cleante: Elmire’s brother.  A wise man.  (No, really, don’t let the hair fool you.)

Ryan Childers playing Cleante in “Tartuffe”

 Damis:  Orgon’s son and a chip off the old block

Solomon Davis playing Damis in “Tartuffe”

Mariane:  Orgon’s daughter; she’s Daddy’s little girl

Charissa Adams playing Mariane in “Tartuffe”

Valere: Mariane’s betrothed.  (It takes a real man to pull off pink)

Nathan Jeffrey playing Valere in “Tartuffe”

Dorine:  Mariane’s maid.  A girl with a big heart but a big mouth.

Charity Parenzini playing Dorine in “Tartuffe”

Tartuffe:  The villian (booooo!).  He’s a con man who has duped Orgon

Frank Lawler playing Tartuffe in…well…”Tartuffe”


Laurent:  Tartuffe’s funny henchman…(because every villian needs a funny henchman)

Josh Smyth playing Laurent in “Tartuffe”

Monsieur Loyal:  The long arm of the law

William Hamer playing Monsieur Loyal in “Tartuffe”



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