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“Illyria”…so funny that it’s dangerous!


The second row balcony at Taproot Theatre

Have you ever laughed so hard that you hit your head on something?  Be honest now…has that ever happeneded to you?

Well, you’ll be glad to know that you’re not alone.  We’ve received reports from our stage manager that Taproot’s summer musical Illyria is so funny it’s dangerous…at least for those people sitting in the second row of our balcony.
As you can see the second row balcony seats at Taproot Theatre are right in front of our “booth”.  That’s a small room with a glass window that holds our sound and light operators and our stage manager.
Twice now during the run of Illyria a second row balcony patron has laughed so hard that they threw their head back and hit the window of the booth.  The patrons, I’m sure, were quite startled and our sound operator was scared to death!
It seems that we need to assign a new catagory of comedy for Illyria
there’s “laugh out loud funny”, 
and there’s “rolling in the aisle funny”
and then there’s “bang your head on the booth window funny”!
Come see Illyria and join in the laughter…but mind your head:)



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