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Diana of Dobson’s Intergenerational Matinee

Actors Ian Bond and Helen Harvester in "Diana of Dobson's at Taproot Theatre


The Intergenerational Matinee for Diana of Dobson’s is happening this Wednesday, May 21st from 10am-12pm.  “What is an intergenerational matinee”?  (you may ask)
“It’s totally awesome!”  (is the first answer that comes to my head:))

Our intergenerational matinees have an audience made up of all ages–homeschool families, senior patrons, perhaps an English Lit class or two.  The matinee is open to any and all patrons who are available to come see theatre on a Wednesday morning.

I love watching the shows at our intergenerational matinees because the audience is response is quite unique. The seniors might find one bit funny and the students giggle at another part. The teachers appreciate have older adults in the audience because it gives their students a different viewpoint on the show.  At the end of the performance the actors come out in costume for a talk-back and everybody (young,old and in the middle ) gets to learn something new.

We still have seats available for this Wednesday and tickets are only $20!  I’d encourage you all to come join us for the Diana of Dobson’s Intergenerational Matinee!



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