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A love for teaching and theatre…

Notes from Tiffany Bailey, Acting Studio Teaching InternTiffany Bailey

Hi all — I’m Tiffany Bailey and a 2016 Summer Teaching Intern! One thing I love about theatre is the stories and messages that can be learned. Before I went to Seattle Pacific University, I worked in a preschool and always loved the way kids could see the world. There are so many things that they have yet to learn. I love how excited kids become when they finally understand how to do something they’ve worked hard to accomplish. There is such joy and excitement that comes from learning and teaching. I took a brief hiatus from teaching to pursue theatre and now the best of two worlds came together in Taproot’s teaching internship opportunity!

All of the teacher’s I’ve met are great, and many have asked what I hope to learn and gain from my experience at Taproot. Every day is different when working with students of any age, just like every class is different, and that’s what can make each week an exciting, new adventure! It’s amazing to work with the entire Acting Studio team to ensure all of the students are encouraged to work hard and learn, all while having fun.

A recent camp I worked with, Imagination Quest, gave the students a chance to be a part of the creative process. They helped create the story and make their own costumes and props. Each student was taught how to work independently and in a group while learning their lines, asking character questions and creating character physicality’s. I’m looking forward to this summer and all of the adventures to come with Taproot’s Acting Studio!



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