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Bach at Leipzig – In the Press

Bach at Leipzig
by Itamar Moses

May 17 – June 15
Previews may 15 & 16 

Leipzig, 1722. Germany’s most renowned music director is dead at the keyboard. As the country’s greatest organists descend to vie for the job, melodies of rivalry, trickery and blackmail compose a fugue of plots and counterplots. Rooted in history but reveling in flights of fiction, Bach at Leipzig is deliciously scored with wild and witty revelations.

“Imagine the Marx Brothers and Tom Stoppard collaborating on a play.” – Milwaukee Sentinal


“This is a clever piece, and will be most appreciated by those who love wordplay and allusion.”
–  Nancy Worssam, The Seattle Times

“I can’t get enough of this sort of silliness, especially when spoken by po-faced men in powdered wigs”
– Gavin Borchert, Seattle Weekly

“… lots of fast action runs up and down the plot keyboard and some low-brow slapstick and you have an entertaining, smartly melodic theatrical vaudeville.”
– Jerry Kraft,

“Taproot once again brings a multi-layered, intricate and passionate play”
– Peter Sessum, MODE

“It engages the mind and tickles the funny bone.”
– Rosemarie Kowalski, peacefulones

“this play is whimsical, farcical, and downright hilarious.”
Heed the Hedonist

“There are very clever little moments of humor … surprising and intriguing, awakening our interest.”
– J. Autumn Needles, EDGE Seattle

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