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  • The Seattle Times | Dusty Somers
    • “Taproot’s staging … excels during the more intimate moments of familial conflict and affection…”
    • “… [Chris] Ensweiler brings the perfect combination of whimsy, mischief and self-aggrandizement to Edward…”
    • “[Tyler Todd Kimmel’s] sterling tenor lends real heft to the difficulties of his fractured relationship with his father.”
  • | Jay Irwin
    • “[Tyler Todd] Kimmel has a gorgeous voice and play the straight man beautifully opposite the chaos of his father.”
    • Chelsea LeValley practically had the entire theater in tears as Edward’s wife Sandra with her stunning balland ‘I Don’t Need a Roof’.”
    • Sarah Russell killed as the Witch with her roof raising number showing Edward his future.”
    • “…Margaret Lamb [had] some quite touching moments as Edward’s jilted high school sweetheart.”
    • “[Chris Ensweiler] beutifully conveyed the emotional core of the character…”
    • “touching”
  • Encore Arts Seattle | Travis Vogt
    • “It’s an extravaganza with big moments, big performances and big themes. Everybody’s singing and dancing, there are fish flying around and guys on stilts walking up and down the aisle.”
    • “Kudos to [Tyler Todd] Kimmel and Chelsea LeValley…”
    • “There were a few crucial differences that turned a movie I hated into a show I adored. 1. Tyler Todd Kimmel is much more likable than Billy Crudup. 2. It’s a musical! 3. People are actually crying ten feet away from you.”
    • “I don’t know if you’re the same way, but it’s pretty hard to not get moist in the face when people nearby are crying, even if those people are trained actors. Everyone else in Taproot last night seemed to be with me on this one, as a dewy chorus of sniffles broke out in the final moments of the show. At least they were honest sniffles. And Taproot’s Big Fish earned every one of them.”
  • | Steven Sieden
    • Big Fish captures the audience with story and song and keeps them involved to the very end of this poignant story of relationship, love and family.”
    • “Edward is brilliantly portrayed in dialogue and song by Taproot regular Chris Ensweiler…”
    • “…Tyler Todd Kimmel as Will Bloom continues to masterfully challenge his father’s honesty and integrity…”
    • Big Fish is filled with great, thought not yet classic, songs…”
    • “…a crowd pleaser.”
    • “…wonderfully moving and entertaining production well worth the price of admission.”
    • “All in all, this production of Big Fish is a show that inspires audiences to perceive the hope and joy of a life well lived, especially through the lens of family and relationship.”
  • Arts Stage Seattle Rage | Nancy Worssam
    • “fantastic and remarkable”
    • “thoughtfully directed by Scott Nolte
    • “all the magic of the original”
    • “Music Director Edd Key has assemble a four-piece combo that does Andrew Lippa’s music and lyrics proud.”
    • “Amazing characters abound here.”
    • “Cheers to Nick Watson … and to Sarah Burch Gordon who costumed this behemoth.”
    • “…scenic designer Mark Lund has few tricks designed to delight the audience.”
    • Chris Ensweiler as Edward Bloom brings braggadocio, joy, enormous energy, and compassion to the role.”
    • Big Fish is wholesome adult and family fare…”
    • “a hearty summer treat…”
  • Good Life Northwest | Candace Brown
    • “delightful new adaption”
    • “a worthy way to celebrate the 40th Anniversary Season of one of Seattle’s best theaters.”
    • “talent filled production, under Scott Nolte’s fine direction”
    • “Perfectly cast, Ensweiler’s energetic and charismatic stage presence gives the show its most memorable vibe…”
    • “I was delighted to discover the talents and beautiful singing voice of [Chelsea] LeValley… This is her first production at Taproot, and I trust she will return…”
    • “A simple, but well designed and flexible set served the production’s needs perfectly.”
    • “Colorful and clever costumes brightened the stage and gave personality to the characters.”
    • “I loved the way Costume Designer Sarah Burch Gordon (whose work I have always admired), handled the challenge of having a mermaid walk around on stage and how she made Watson into a convincing giant.”
    • “excellent live music under the direction of Edd Key
    • “Give yourself or someone else the gift of a ticket to Big Fish.”
  • Seattle PI/Feet First | Alice Kaderlan
    • “Tyler Todd Kimmel as Will and Chelsea LeValley as Edward’s wife Sandra have solid voices that bring out the best in [Andrew] Lippa’s score…”
    • “[Chris] Ensweiler is an engaging, versatile actor…”
    • “The supporting members of the cast, under Scott Nolte’s direction, bring great verve and energy to their roles…”
  • Miryam’s Theater Musings | Miryam Gordon
    • “feel-good”
    • “heart-warming”
    • “[Chelsea] LeValley does major lifting as both the young, entrancing woman Edward immediately falls for (as part of an adorable singing trio), and as the more mature mother.”
    • “[Tyler Todd] Kimmel and [Emily] Shuel are lovely as the newly married couple.”
    • “Young Mr. [Teigun] Pesce already displays great presence on stage.”
    • “[Margaret] Lamb goes all in for the cheerleader who loves forever.”
    • “[Sarah] Russell gets a standout song.”
Audience Responses

  • “We went to see Big Fish at Taproot Theatre last night. Charming, touching, and insightful. Highly recommended!” Helen L.
  • “We just got home from Opening Night and we loved every minute of it.” Jeannie B.
  • Big Fish is one of the best plays I’ve seen. Everything about the production is excellent!!!! It is an uplifting play that will put a smile on your face. Go see it.” Sue R.
  • Big Fish is a triumph. PERFECT summer entertainment. Take an evening or an afternoon, escape the never-ending madness that assaults us, and let Big Fish swim into your heart. A truly beautiful show.” Michael L.
  • Big Fish is the perfect Taproot Theatre show: engrossing, family friendly, life affirming, and you leave the theater with a smile and renewed sense of hope. Well done, folks!” Harlan Z.
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