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Room Service is Extending!

Due to popular demand, four new performances have been added to the run of Room Service! Click the photo above for more information about Room Service.

From the costume shop…

Hello! My name is a Grace Kang and I just finished working as a mainstage costume intern for Big Fish and as a costume designer for Taproot’s Summer Acting Studio. This is actually my second year interning at Taproot. I had such a fun experience as the Summer Acting Studio’s costume intern last year that I was eager to come back!Grace Kang

I recently graduated from Dixie State University in St. George, Utah where I received a degree in theatre with a focus on costume design and technology. After graduating, I moved back to Washington to work on Big Fish and the first Musical Theatre Revue of the Summer Acting Studio season.

My favorite part of the internship has been working with a wide variety of people. Being around so many different people has offered me new perspectives and allowed me to expand my creative process. I also appreciate how there is room to collaborate between the other interns, because I feel like there can be more isolation between departments in larger companies.

I have learned a lot transitioning from my undergraduate program to an internship. After interning at Taproot, I definitely feel more confident as a designer and a stitcher. I feel more prepared to handle the challenges that will come with working in different environments and I am looking forward to continuing my training. Working at Taproot has taught me to stay open to different ideas and say, “yes” to trying new things. Even though my internship has ended, I am very excited to continue my education and training using the invaluable experiences and skills that I have gained while working at Taproot!

Design credits include A Streetcar Named Desire, God of Carnage, The Country Wife and Taproot’s Summer Acting Studio. My favorites from Acting Studio have been Beauty and the Beast Jr. and Seussical.

A love for teaching and theatre…

Notes from Tiffany Bailey, Acting Studio Teaching InternTiffany Bailey

Hi all — I’m Tiffany Bailey and a 2016 Summer Teaching Intern! One thing I love about theatre is the stories and messages that can be learned. Before I went to Seattle Pacific University, I worked in a preschool and always loved the way kids could see the world. There are so many things that they have yet to learn. I love how excited kids become when they finally understand how to do something they’ve worked hard to accomplish. There is such joy and excitement that comes from learning and teaching. I took a brief hiatus from teaching to pursue theatre and now the best of two worlds came together in Taproot’s teaching internship opportunity!

All of the teacher’s I’ve met are great, and many have asked what I hope to learn and gain from my experience at Taproot. Every day is different when working with students of any age, just like every class is different, and that’s what can make each week an exciting, new adventure! It’s amazing to work with the entire Acting Studio team to ensure all of the students are encouraged to work hard and learn, all while having fun.

A recent camp I worked with, Imagination Quest, gave the students a chance to be a part of the creative process. They helped create the story and make their own costumes and props. Each student was taught how to work independently and in a group while learning their lines, asking character questions and creating character physicality’s. I’m looking forward to this summer and all of the adventures to come with Taproot’s Acting Studio!

From backstage…

Notes from Joel Schimek, Acting Studio Stage Management Intern

Joel Schimek

My name is Joel Schimek, I am from Edmond, Oklahoma, and I am one of the stage management interns at Taproot Theatre. I will be graduating in May from Oklahoma City University with a Bachelor of Science in Entertainment Business. Seattle is quite a change of pace from the Midwest! I am enjoying the stunning scenery and fantastic art that Seattle has to offer (although I do miss the rolling hills and plains of Oklahoma). At Oklahoma City University, I have been able to work with the American Spirit Dance Company as a technician, serving in a variety of positions, such as assistant stage manager, light board programmer/operator, and sound technician, among others. I also have experience in the events and conventions industry through internships with the Oklahoma City Museum of Art and the International Society of Bassists.

As one of the stage management interns, I have had the privilege of working with Taproot Acting Studio’s summer camps. The dedication of the staff in teaching young students about the value and importance of theatre and the arts is inspiring, especially as a college student about to go out into the world. The passion and drive of the staff shows their dedication to both the arts and theatre industry and the education of the younger generation.

The importance of working as a team is especially significant in the theatre industry; without a solid team, shows simply could not happen. Taproot’s team works together to create magic. It works to educate students, it works to produce quality theatre, it works to bring together a community. I am learning a great deal about how to communicate with all the members of that team.

I look forward to the rest of the summer here at Taproot, and I look forward to learning a variety of lessons from being a part of the Taproot team.

From the Rehearsal Room…

Notes from Stephen Pick, Big Fish Directing Intern

A native to the Pacific Northwest, and an artist of faith, I’ve always been curious about Taproot Theatre Company and its work. But I’ve never had the chance to see or participate in the work until now! As a directing intern on Big Fish, I have the privilege of watching Scott lead a group of wonderful, talented people in the telling of what he has called “a story about dreams, forgiveness and hope.” It’s been a great experience so far, and I’m looking forward to seeing the story continue to take shape over the next few weeks.

Big Fish First Rehearsal

From BIG FISH’s first rehearsal. Photo by Isaiah Custer.

During this time with Taproot I have also had the privilege of observing the inner workings of the company through projects in the office and attending weekly staff meetings. Not only have I been learning about theatre management (something I have been interested in since founding my own theatre company five years ago), I have also found this group of people to be warm and welcoming. They are like family to each other, and have readily extended their hospitality to me as well.

This openness and generosity is what sets Taproot apart from the many other companies with which I have worked.

Being back on the west coast for these few weeks has been a nice change of pace as I’m currently working on a Masters of Fine Arts in Directing at Boston University. My wife, daughter and I have been able to spend some time together and with our family here, and in Portland, and we’re looking forward to finding ourselves an artistic home on this side of the country once I graduate.

I have enjoyed my experience with Taproot so far, and I’m looking forward to sharing Big Fish with its community.



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