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Brownie Points – A West Coast Premiere
By Janece Shaffer
May 20-June 18, previews May 18 & 19

Recommended by The Seattle Times!




  • “insightful comedy … very amusing and thoughtful” – Misha Berson, The Seattle Times
  • “The talented cast shone like shooting stars on stage. … ‘Brownie Points’ will get you laughing and get you talking” – Theresa Goffredo, The Herald
  • “it’s filled with laugh-out-loud moments. … Shaffer has crafted a humor-filled, but honest look at human relations that helps the audience reflect on their own daily experiences.” – Mike Showalter, CultureMob
  • “warm-hearted, beautifully done … This play deserves your attention, and your enjoyment is guaranteed.” – Miryam Gordon, SGN
  • “infused with so much humor … I laughed and cried along with these women.” – Laura Spruce Wight, Seattle’s Child
  • “Challenge yourself. Challenge the issues. And after it’s over, go on out and challenge the world.” – Sidney A., Teen Tix
  • “This is up-to-the-minute issues and answers, focused on moms doing the best they can. The talk is engaging; the sense of humor, fresh; and Karen Lund’s directing, on track.” – Dale Burrows, The Weekly Herald
  • “Taproot’s mandate of “hopeful grappling” is perfectly served by this material, well directed by Karen Lund.” – Margaret Friedman, Seattle Weekly
  • “not a play for women only. The issues of parenthood, race and religion … apply to everyone, and the men in the audience the night I attended laughed just as hard as the women at the many humorous moments.” – Michelle Schusterman, Nile Guide
  • “I loved this show because the writing was so confident and accomplished, the intention so honest and appropriate to the action, and the characters so real.” – Jerry Kraft,
  • “marvelously funny with one-liners equal to those of Neil Simon.” – Nancy Worssam, Arts Stage – Seattle Rage
  • “Audience laughter often competed in terms of decibel levels with both the howling wind and the arguments among these women.” – Jacqueline Pruner, Heed the Hedonist
  • “really, really funny. … There isn’t a weak link in this ensemble cast … Each role is fully realized and no two are alike”
    Jeffrey Totey,
  • “This will not be a play that ends with the curtain call but will be kept alive in the thoughts and future conversations of those who have seen it.” – Esther Maria Swaty,
  • “deep, amazing, and fulfilling.” – Kim Martinez, Deep Imprints
  • “What I loved most about this production was the completeness of each character, due to both an excellent writer and a solid cast” – Ernie Piper, Greenwood-Phinney Blog
  • “Once again, Taproot hits it out of the park, pulling us into a story, and showing – as well as telling – how sweet and complicated life can be.” – Rosemarie Kowalski, Peaceful Ones 

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