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Education and Outreach Discount Policy

Taproot Theatre is happy to provide discounts to schools and families who demonstrate financial need. Financial assistance is available to both students and schools who wish to participate in Taproot Theatre’s Acting Studio and Educational Touring.

Taproot believes all students should have access to the arts and art education. To encourage a meaningful experience for education participants Taproot requires all students and schools to make a financial contribution at the level they are able. When possible, Taproot will discount the cost of tuition or the touring fee to meet the remaining need.

Requests for Funding:  

If you would like to request a financial need discount, please write a letter or send an email to Taproot’s Education and Outreach Department, with the following information:

  • How the educational program will benefit your theatre/ educational pursuits.
  • The financial contribution you are able to make towards the cost of the programming. PLEASE NOTE: For Taproot’s Acting Studio, we ask parents make a minimum contribution of $50.00 for classes priced under $300.00 and a minimum contribution of $100.00 for classes priced over $300.00.
  • The amount of the discount you need to participate in the education program.
  • For schools, the percentage of students on the free and reduced lunch program at your school.
  • Your name, phone number and email address.

Mail to:
Taproot Theatre Company
Education and Outreach Department
Attn: Shelby Parsons
P.O. Box 30946
Seattle, WA 98113

Or email:

**If you would like to support Taproot’s Education and Outreach Department and our commitment to providing cost-effective arts education, please donate to Taproot Theatre’s general fund.



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