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Grades K-6

Taproot Road Company K-6

“We use Taproot Theatre’s Road Company because they reflect
the values of our schools and community, and help us reach out to
our students and share that bullying and harassment never
need to be accepted in our schools.”

Brian Schultz, Executive Director of Schools, Shoreline School District

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Camp Super Friend

Camp Super Friend

by Bethany Wallace
directed by Nathan Jeffrey

Having super powers is cool, except when it’s not. Marvel wishes he was super strong or super fast, or at least super poplar … but he’s not. When Marvel visits superhero camp, he learns that making friends and being an ally to people who are being bullied isn’t always as easy as it seems. When the diabolical Professor Nemesis executes a sinister plot to strip all the superheroes of their powers, Marvel and his new friends must work together to rescue their fellow campers, learning that everyone contributes to saving the day.

Education Goals:

  • Recognizing, Refusing and Reporting Bullying
  • Forming Friendships
  • How to be and Ally


Allies Ahoy!

Allies Ahoy! 

by Bethany Wallace and Nathan Jeffrey
directed by Nathan Jeffrey

It’s a new adventure on the high seas! After bullying Lizzie, the new girl at school, Dominic dreams of being marooned with pirates on a desert island. At first it seems fun, but when the pirates bully Dominic and throw him in the brig, he finds allies in surprising places. The parrot Jolly Roger and reformed pirate Captain Skalliwag teach Dominic to Recognize, Refuse and Report bullying behavior, and Dominic begins to empathize with Lizzie. Will Dominic remember how to control his temper and empathize or will he continue to reject Lizzie’s offer of friendship? Watch Allies Ahoy! to find out.

Education Goals:

  • Recognizing, Refusing and Reporting Bullying
  • Emotional Management and Empathy Training
  • How to be an Ally


Touring Prices*

First Performance $575
Second Performance
(Same play, same day, same location)                       
Second Performance
(Different show, same day, same location)                
Classroom visits & workshops (per hour)                    $100
Savings on multiple school bookings

* A travel fee is added for all destinations.

“…wonderful, all of the students were pulled into the play and I feel I gained a deeper understanding to the importance of friendship!” – Heidi Harris, Teacher, St. Mary Magdalen

“The students loved it & the content was perfect!” – Cindy Addis, Principal, Hazelwood Elementary

To book a show contact Touring.

Discounts may be available to schools for whom the cost of a performance may be a hardship. Please read our Education and Outreach Discount Policy.





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