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Internship Descriptions

Internship Descriptions

Taproot Theatre Company offers internships throughout the season in almost every aspect of the organization’s operations. Internships are generally held by undergraduate and graduate students, or recent college graduates.

We offer tickets to all of Taproot Theatre’s Mainstage performances to interns. Internships are volunteer, unpaid, and housing is not provided.   Summer interns have the additional opportunity to perform in the Summer Intern Showcase. We encourage all interns to pursue the opportunity to sit down with Taproot staff, guest artists and other theatre professionals during their time with us.


Thank you for your interest in interning with Taproot Theatre. All summer internships for 2014 have been filled. For information regarding seasonal internships, please see below.

Please check back in January for information on 2015 summer internships.


Seasonal Internships

The following internships have rolling application deadlines.

Teaching Internship

This internship is for individuals with theatre experience and/or professional training, and a desire to pursue educational theatre or directing. Interns will have the opportunity to assist teachers in our Acting Studio with daily warm-ups, acting technique and rehearsals. These classes range from scene study to showcase performance classes. In addition, interns will have the opportunity to work closely with the Director of Education and Outreach in the daily running of an educational program including student registration and correspondence. Interns may be asked to assist with direction, choreography, music coaching, stage management as well as administrative duties. This internship requires 35 hours per weekAdvisor: Nathan Jeffrey, Director of Education and Outreach


Directing Internship

Directing interns will be asked to work as an assistant to the director for Mainstage and touring productions. They will be asked to attend rehearsals and work with the director and the stage manager during the rehearsal process. Directing Interns may also work as Literary Assistants and Dramaturgs for TTC productions, reading and researching plays. The Intern is expected to work 15 –20 hours a week and this is primarily a professional observorship. If additional hours are needed, a directing project can be developed under the mentorship of the internship advisor. There are up to six directing internships available, corresponding to the six season productions.

Advisor: Nathan Jeffrey, Director of Education and Outreach

Current Directing Internship openings:



Stage Management Internship

The Stage Management internship is for individuals seeking practical stage management experience. A stage management intern will be assigned to a production and will assist the stage manager during the rehearsal process (essentially acting as ASM). The Stage Management Intern will learn to recognize and communicate all administrative details associated with a production including creating paperwork, taking blocking notes and running a show backstage. The Intern is expected to work up to 30 hours a week. Advisor: Micah Trapp, Production Stage Manager

Current Stage Management Internship openings:



Costume Design Internship

The Costume Design internship is for individuals seeking costume design, construction, wardrobe, and shop management experience. It is an intensive, individually designed internship for those who desire to be professional costumers. The internship can include: assisting guest and resident designers with construction on Mainstage and touring productions, production day work, millinery, crafts, patterning, wig maintenance, organizing stock, learning the business side of running the costume shop, running wardrobe for Mainstage productions. Individuals will learn not only from the shop manager, but also from the professional cutters, drapers and stitchers working in the costume shop. Individuals applying must have completed coursework in costume design or costume history, and have stitching experience. Two years experience in an educational or professional costume shop is required. The intern is expected to work an average of 20 hours a week, duration and scope of the internship to be determined by the intern and advisor. Advisor: Sarah Gordon, Costume Shop Manager and Resident Designer


The following internships have deadlineson an as needed basis. Please inquire as to availability of internship before submitting application.


Development Internship

This internship is for individuals seeking hands-on, supervised experience in the intricacies of non-profit theatre development and fundraising. Duties will include assisting with fundraising events, researching foundations, correspondence with donors and writing and revising proposals to companies and foundations. The position calls for excellent writing skills and familiarity with standard software applications, as well as an interest in non-profit management. We prefer a university student with a junior year standing or above. The Intern is expected to work 10-15 hours a week.Advisor: Zach Brittle, Development Director


PR/Marketing Internship

Marketing Interns will assist in all aspects of Public Relations and Marketing communicating to the media, Taproot audiences, and the general public about Main Stage productions, touring programs, and Acting Studio. The position calls for excellent writing and research skills and competency in MS Office software applications. Desktop publishing and graphic design experience a plus. Applicants should be junior year college student or above and be majoring in Communications, Marketing or Business Administration. Theatre majors with an interest in arts organization administration and relevant experience are also encouraged to apply. The Intern is expected to work 10 to 20 hours a week.Advisor: Nikki Visel, Director of Marketing


Front of House Internship

This internship is for individuals seeking practical experience in house management and concessions management. Candidates must be comfortable working with the public and be detail oriented. Previous theatre experience is a plus. The position calls for excellent customer service skills and familiarity with standard software applications, such as Word. The Intern is expected to work 10 – 15 hours a week.Advisor: Jenny Cross, Patron Services Manager







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