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Jeeves in Bloom – In the Press

Jeeves in Bloom
adapted by Margaret Raether
from the stories of P.G. Wodehouse

February 1 – March 2
Previews January 30 & 31 

Peace. Tranquility. The English countryside. Ahhh … Then Bertie Wooster pays a visit. While ducking romance, fleeing a cleaver-wielding chef and burgling his uncle, Bertie’s trail of mischief and mayhem is set right by his unflappable valet, Jeeves. Based on characters created by author P.G. Wodehouse, this confectionary treat is a delightful respite from the daily grind.


“I dare you not to laugh — to laugh uproariously at the high jinks on the Taproot Theatre stage”
– Nancy Worssam, The Seattle Times

“starts in an uproar and gets funnier from there”
– Eric M., Teen Tix

“This theatrical package is as bright and joyful as an English country garden in May.”
– Alan Sydney, Drama in the Hood

“a surfeit of rapid-fire escapades held together by a superb cast who make this English farce a delight from start to finish.”
– Alice Kaderlan, FeetFirst

“Take a break from February’s unrelenting gray skies and travel to a mythical England full of sunny gardens, winsome lasses, larcinous aunts, lads in love, and the world’s most perfect gentleman’s gentleman.”
– Rosemary Jones, Seattle Theater

“a fluffy delightful romp through the British upper class of the early 1930’s in the company of the archetypal butler, Jeeves.”
– J. Autumn Needles, EDGE Media Network

“We were laughing within minutes, sometimes astonished at the play’s cleverness, sometimes with pure pleasure at the understated satire.”
– Rosemarie Kowalski, peacefulones

“Taproot did a great job. With a mix of classic British comedy and farce, the characters were excellently designed.”
– Kim Martinez, Deep Imprints

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