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Leaving Iowa In the Press

REVIEWS of Leaving Iowa

“remind[s] an all-ages audience that even long, maddening hours cooped up in an automobile … count as precious, if imperfect, time together.”
Tom Keogh, The Seattle Times

“both hilariously funny and deeply moving.”
Autumn Needles, EDGE Media Network

“It touches the heart as well as the funny bone.”
Nancy Worssam, Arts Stage – Seattle Rage

“simply extraordinary … you cannot miss Leaving Iowa.
Bethany B.,  Teen Tix

“a lot of fun, full of moments that should resonate for just about any family.”
Miryam Gordon, SGN

“This is one feel-good comedy.”
Dale Burrows, The Weekly Herald

“it’s all about the journey and not the destination”
Jacqueline Pruner, Heed the Hedonist

“beyond superb … delightful”
Kim Martinez, Deep Imprints

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