Welcome to Taproot Theatre’s 42nd Season! Our team has spent countless hours searching for plays and musicals to fit our mission and you. We’re proud of this season, these stories and the characters you’ll come to know.

I’ve wanted to stage Camping with Henry and Tom, a wooded adventure with President Harding and two famous inventors, for years. Crowns is a gospel music celebration exploring the intertwining personal stories of a group of women — and their incredible hats. Secrets and rumors swirl at the party of the social season in Oscar Wilde’s classic comedy, Lady Windermere’s Fan. Sweet Land, based on the acclaimed indie movie, is a sweeping new musical about an immigrant’s experience with love and sacrifice. And Baskerville is a murderously funny comic twist on the notoriously baffling Sherlock Holmes mystery.

Our 2018 Jewell Mainstage Season is brimming with biting wit, swelling music, gripping narrative, social insight and intriguing mystery. And it only needs you. Take your seat for a rousing and powerful season of captivating theatre.

Scott Nolte
Producing Artistic Director

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Jan 3 – Oct 28, 2018
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