By Joseph Kesselring | Directed by Marianne Savell

The Brewsters are an eccentric bunch: Mortimer's a theatre critic, his brother thinks he's Teddy Roosevelt and Aunts Abby and Martha are the most gracious killers. When Mortimer casually proposes to the pastor's daughter he unwittingly opens the lid on buried family secrets. As strangers and cops keep calling, the Brewsters will go to hilarious lengths to protect the skeletons in the cellar.

CAST  (In order of appearance)
Kim Morris – Abby Brewster
Bill Johns – Rev. Harper/Mr. Gibbs/Mr. Witherspoon
Stephen Grenley – Teddy Brewster
Kristen Natalia – Officer Brophy
Kevin Pitman – Officer Klein
Pam Nolte – Martha Brewster
Elizabeth Keck – Elaine Harper
Richard Nguyen Sloniker* – Mortimer Brewster
David Drummond* – Jonathan Brewster
Nolan Palmer – Dr. Einstein
Tyler Todd Kimmel – Officer O’Hara
Gretchen Douma – Lieutenant Rooney

Marianne Savell – Director
Jocelyne Fowler – Costume Design
Tim Wratten – Lighting Design
Mark Lund – Scenic & Sound Design
Julianna Brei-Crawley* – Stage Manager
Baylie Heims – Dramaturg
Dimitri Woods – Dialect Coach

*Member of Actor’s Equity Association

LENGTH: 2 hours and 30 minutes, including one 15-minute intermission
AGE REC: 12+
PRICE: $27-50, dependent on day and time; fees may apply
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  • BROADWAYWORLD.COM | by Kelly Rogers Flynt
    • "The talented cast has a great rapport and will take you on an adventurous ride full of surprises."
    • "The heart of the show belongs to Kim Morris and Pam Nolte (Abby and Martha Brewster, respectively). They presented a bond of understanding and mutual respect. They made the unbelievable believable, and had the audience firmly in their corner."
    • "The show is simply delightful to watch and fond to remember."
  • SEATTLE POCKETS | by Joy Shumaker
    • "Arsenic and Old Lace at Taproot theatre lives up to expectations as the fantastic comedy it always has been."
    • "Director Marianne Savell did an exquisite job executing this comedy for maximum hilarity."
    • "The Brewster sisters played by Pam Nolte and Kim Morris flawlessly deliver love, loyalty and kindness as everyone's favorite aunts."
    • "Bring the family or come for your own laughter therapy. It's an evening well spent."
    • "There really isn't a weak link with this production. All of the characters play their roles with intense earnestness and are able to utter the most absurd lines without losing character."
    • "Both Mark Lund's multi-level set and Jocelyne Fowler's costume designs are amazing. The Brewster home is so warm and inviting, you can totally see yourself curling up in the living room with a good book.
  • DAILY UW | by Zach Jablonksi
    • "Each and every member of the cast performed at a high level and made this show something to remember. As someone who had never seen the play or the movie before, this was a spectacular introduction to it."
    • "The verdict: This is a must-see production, and with it only being about 20 minutes away from the U-District, it's well worth the trip and cost of the ticket."
  • ECLECTIC ARTS | by Mark Sugiyama
    • "...layers on the comedy to a boiling point that is downright hysterical."
    • "The entire cast, some of whom I recognized from other Taproot Theatre productions, were stellar as expected."
    • "Taproot Theatre is off to a grand start for the 2019 season..."
Richard Nguyen Sloniker and David Drummond in Arsenic and Old Lace at Taproot Theatre. Photo by Erik Stuhaug.
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Jan 23 – Mar 3, 2019
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