Music, Book & Story by Steve Martin; Music, Lyrics & Story by Edie Brickell | Directed by Karen Lund

Under a serene North Carolina sunset, a simple summer romance blossoms into true love. When Alice and Jimmy Ray’s parents forbid their union, the young couple are propelled into a daring future. Inspired by a true story, this powerful tale of love and redemption will make your heart soar and your toes tap. Hold on, love is coming home.

Brenna Wagner* – Alice Murphy
Brian Pucheu – Jimmy Ray Dobbs
Mike Spee*^ – Billy Cane
Eric Polani Jensen* – Mayor Josiah Dobbs
Rheanna Atendido^ – Edna
Gloria Lee Alcalá – Lucy Grant
MJ Jurgensen^ – Florence
Connie Corrick – Mama Murphy, Clerk
Nick Watson – Stanford
Brian Lange – Daryl
Eric Dobson^ – Max
Edd Key*^ – Daddy Murphy
Miranda Antoinette Troutt – Margo Crawford
Jeff Church – Daddy Cane, Dr. Norquist 

Michael Nutting or Michael Matlock – Piano/Conductor
Anthony Pooley – Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo
Quinn Knobbe – Bass
Andrew Pang – Fiddle 

Karen Lund – Director
R.J. Tancioco & Michael Nutting – Music Directors
Katy Tabb – Choreographer
Mark Lund – Scenic & Sound Design
Nanette Acosta – Costume Design
Andrew Duff – Lighting Design
Anne L. Hitt* – Stage Manager
Zeapoe Matalda – Dramaturg
Leah Fishbaugh – Dialect Coach

*Member of Actor's Equity Association
^Also plays an instrument in the show
  • RUN TIME: Approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes, including one 15-minute intermission
  • RUN DATES: July 10 - August 24
  • AGE REC: 12+
  • PRICE: $27-50, dependent on day and time; fees may apply
  • NEW ROOTS NIGHT ON 7/19: A theatre-going group for ages 23-37
  • PAY WHAT YOU CAN: July 17 at 7:30 PM
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  • SEATTLE POCKETS | by Jeanne Kinley Deller
    • “a jaunty cast of talented actors”
    • MJ Jurgensen lights up the theatre with her infectious smile and every move, as Florence, in band and ensemble numbers.”
    • “The rousing bar-scene ‘Another Round’ scores big time with the audience”
    • “If you’re a fan of bluegrass … this is a show you don’t want to pass up.”
  • ECLECTIC ARTS | by Mark Sugiyama
    • “They have consistently delivered top quality professional plays that bring me back time and time again.”
    • “Director Karen Lund had everything flowing like a well-oiled machine…”
    • “The band was spot on all night.”
    • “The musicians/actors were also seamlessly acting and playing music like they had done it a thousand times before.”
    • “[Brenna Wagner’s] singing and acting held my attention and made me think I was in a 3,000-seat theatre to be honest. What a talent!”
    • “I could have listened to [Miranda Antoinette Troutt] sing the whole show if she wanted to.”
    • Brian Pucheu performed like only he can. … there is no denying his acting abilities.”
    • Brian Lange as Daryl and Gloria Lee Alcalá as Lucy Grant stood out as well. Such impeccable comedic timing, it was just a joy watching them perform.
    • “… the cast was absolutely stellar!”
    • “top-notch”
  • MIRYAM’S THEATER MUSINGS | by Miryam Gordon
    • “a feel-good musical”
    • “The bluegrass music is insanely good”
    • “full of great talent including comic moments from Gloria Lee Alcalá, Brian Lange and MJ Jurgensen.”
    • “It’s a large cast and embarrassment of riches for director Karen Lund…”
    • Lund’s mastery of her theater configuration and her sure experience keeps the musical humming.”
    • “…key moments of songs are choreographed by Katy Tabb with sweet, low key choreography that doesn’t over-power the feel of the musical.”
    • Wagner has a very large job as her character drives all the storyline and she has several enormous solos. Thankfully, her gorgeous voice and charming manner are more than up to it.”
    • “a lovely choice for the summer.”
  • DRAMA IN THE HOOD | by Alan Sydney
    • “Taproot Theatre has been bringing quality shows to the Greenwood neighborhood for years, but rarely has it produced a blow-the-doors-open, buckle-up energy, Broadway-quality show such as it has going on now with Steve Martin and Edie Brickell’s Bright Star.”
    • “the songs took root and blossomed through the night.”
    • “its two lead women absolutely have the talent required for the biggest spotlights.”
    • Brenna Wagner takes on the lead role of Alice Murphy and is a thrill to behold. From the onset, her character is bright and sassy and in total command.”
    • “chillingly effective”
    • “Matching Wagner note for note is Miranda Antoinette Troutt, playing the ingénue Margo.”
    • “[Troutt’s] duet with Billy, was one of the many highlights of the evening.”
    • “Director Karen Lund gets to play a strong hand with a tremendously talented supporting cast.”
    • Eric Polani Jensen makes for a formidable foe…”
    • Brian Lange is hilarious as the officious editor…”
    • Gloria Lee Alcalá excels as Lucy, the girl that just can’t catch a good break.”
    • “The Taproot crew ably meets all the challenges of staging a recent Broadway show.”
    • “…Dialect Coach Leah Fishbaugh has everyone sounding like they just got off the train from North Carolina.”
    • Bright Star’s Alice Murphy finally emerges through her hardships with breathtaking bravado.”

Bright Star is presented through special arrangement with and all authorized performance materials are supplied by Theatrical Rights Worldwide (TRW), 1800 Avenue of the Americans, Suite 640, New York, NY 10036, (866) 378-9758.

The Tony-nominated musical by Steve Martin and Edie Brickell. | Jul 10 – Aug 24, 2019
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