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Jan 24 – Feb 24, 2018
Camping with Henry and Tom
by Mark St. Germain
Directed by Scott Nolte

Two great minds … and one great heart.

Inspired by a real event – three titans of history find themselves stranded in the woods while on a camping trip in Maryland. Fact and fiction collide for Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and President Warren G. Harding as they try to kill time without killing each other in this comedic and dramatic clash of wits and wills.

Mar 21 – Apr 21, 2018
by Regina Taylor
adapted from the book by Michael Cunningham and Craig Marberry
Directed by Faith Bennett Russell

A celebration with … hattitude!

Gospel music and storytelling come together to surprise, delight and remind us all of the unique and diverse ways we express ourselves. When a young woman from Brooklyn struggles to find her place in the world, she is surrounded by a community of women that transcend place and time to infuse her with stories of faith, fortitude and pride.

May 16 – Jun 16, 2018
Lady Windermere’s Fan
by Oscar Wilde
Directed by Karen Lund

A play about a good woman … and a fan.

It’s the party of the social season, but instead of celebrating, Lady Windermere suspects her husband is having an affair with a mysterious and beautiful stranger. As rumors swirl and secrets are revealed, the Windermeres’ lives are upended and threatened to end in disgrace. This comedy classic from Oscar Wilde will charm you with its cleverness and wit.

Jul 11 – Aug 18, 2018
Sweet Land
Book by Perrin Post and Laurie Flanigan Hegge
Lyrics by Laurie Flanigan Hegge
From the film Sweet Land by Ali Selim and the short story “A Gravestone Made of Wheat” by Will Weaver”
Directed by Karen Lund

The poignant tale … of an American immigrant’s experience.

In this sweeping musical that soars like the Minnesota skies, a young German woman crosses the sea to marry a man she’s never met. What should be their happy ending is met with suspicion and prejudice as friends and neighbors abandon them. But when hardship befalls the community, Inge and Olaf sacrifice everything to save their friends.

Sep 12 – Oct 13, 2018
Ken Ludwig’s Baskerville
A Sherlock Holmes Mystery
Directed by Scott Nolte

A mystery … that’s murderously funny.

Sherlock Holmes is back and searching for clues to explain a mysterious death on a haunted moor. Five fearless actors conjure over 35 characters to deliver laughter and chills in this dizzyingly inventive adaptation of The Hound of the Baskervilles. Bite your nails and howl with delight as Holmes and Watson face their most diabolical case ever.