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The Matchmaker – In the Press

The Matchmaker

by Thornton Wilder

September 20 – October 19
September 18 & 19 

Thornton Wilder’s hit comedy about love, money and the love of money has matchmaking busybody Dolly Levi brokering true love for a wealthy businessman. Will anyone get what their heart desires? Unlikely circumstances and hilarious complications bring surprises at every corner in this play that inspired Hello, Dolly!.


“Taproot Theatre’s genial revival… enjoyably conveys … high-spirited antics … witty soliloquies … as well as archetypal gags and subterfuges.”
Misha Berson, The Seattle Times

“If you’re looking for something lighthearted and sunny as our Seattle weather turns dark and gloomy, this is a good choice.”
J. Autumn Needles, EDGE

“Pam Nolte on Taproot’s stage is Dolly incarnate. With a sly glance, a twist of the head, a demure chuckle, and an uncontrollable insouciance Nolte makes Dolly unstoppable.”
Nancy Worssam, Arts Stage – Seattle Rage

“They want to share their dreams and exploits and seem to enjoy that we’re all along for the romantic, crazy ride.”
Alan Sydney, Drama in the Hood

“Dolly Levi Gallagher (played boldly and joyfully by Pam Nolte). With a thick Irish brogue and twinkling eye, she encourages the ridiculous adventures of the tale’s naive working-class adventurers”
Mark Baumgarten, Seattle Weekly

“Scott Nolte has directed the production with a confident and expert touch, and the result is a very pleasant, quite inconsequential and solidly amusing piece of classic American comedy.”

Jerry Kraft,

“this Matchmaker is delightfully paced and benefits from a consistently focused ensemble energy.”
Thomas May, Memeteria

“Scott Nolte directs not only Pam but the rest of this hilarious cast; particularly noteworthy is Kim Morris’ hysterical portrayal of the energetic – if forgetful – Miss Flora Van Huysen.”
Heed the Hedonist

“This production offers a light-hearted escape from the cares of life. It will make you laugh— I promise!”
Elizabeth Griffin, Wanderlust and Lipstick

“this production is up to Taproot’s usual high standards… Pam Nolte embodies Dolly with a warmth and tart grace. She’s fun to watch”
– Miryam Gordon, SGN

“Come prepared to laugh aloud, relax, and walk away feeling good.””
– Rosemarie Kowalski, peacefulones



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