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The Whipping Man – In the Press

The Whipping Man
by Matthew Lopez

March 29 – April 27
Previews March 27 & 28 

Can loyalty and freedom coexist? A Jewish Confederate soldier returns from war to his house in shambles. Two former slaves greet him, one who stayed and one who is returning. As they observe Passover and remember the Jewish exodus from Egypt, their shared pasts and secrets threaten the freedom of all three men.

Note: This play is set within the reality of wartime suffering.  It contains profane language and vivid descriptions of war and slavery.  Recommended for ages 16+

“Haunting, striking, and powerful” – The New York Times


“stirring local premiere of the arresting Civil War-era drama … affectingly explores the meaning of liberations, oppression, family and reconciliation.”

– Misha Berson, The Seattle Times

“The unlikely and affecting Passover drama The Whipping Man traverses the concepts of freedom, justice, faith, and family … expertly unpacked by this cast of three.”

– Terra Sullivan, Seattle Weekly

“Directed with a sure hand by Scott Nolte, the play demands our consideration of contemporary issues of human rights and notions of equality… This is a really fine production on a truly thought provoking subject.”

– Nancy Worssam, Arts Stage – Seattle Rage

“Three men on a static stage deliver the most powerful performances of the season… and should not be missed.”

– Peter Sessum, Poshy Magazine

“A superb production of an outstanding play … The Whipping Man by Mathew Lopez, directed by Scott Nolte, got everything right:   the script, the directing, the acting, the accents, the set, the lighting and the sound.”

– Marie Bonfils, Drama in the Hood

The Whipping Man is a superior piece of theatrical production, but it is important for reasons beyond that… I left the theatre thinking, “Oh, yeah. That’s why theatre is important, and not just entertainment.” Go see The Whipping Man. And then talk about it afterwards, because I guarantee you won’t stop thinking about it.”

– Jerry Kraft,

“I need to HIGHLY recommend “The Whipping Man” at the Taproot Theatre. Wonderful story, EXCELLENT acting! Please try to see it!”

– M.J. McDermott, Q13 FOX News

The Whipping Man never hits us over the head with its exploration of master-slave relations in the relatively well-meaning DeLeon household. Rather, Lopez peels away the layers of relationships bit by bit until by play’s end”

– Alice Kaderlan, FeetFirst

“this tightly focused play reveals the complex relationships built among these characters over their years together. The subject brings emotions up in the audience, which is also asked to reconsider their understanding of the men as secrets from the present and the past peel back the layers of the onion of their society.”

– Miryam Gordon, SGN

“All three actors pull their roles off exquisitely – prepare to be moved.”

Heed the Hedonist

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