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Why Intern?

Why Intern?

Resume Credit
Taproot Theatre Company is under a Special Appearance Agreement with the Actors Equity Association and is recognized regionally for excellence, high production values and quality theater. Taproot interns have gone on to work at such theatres as Seattle Repertory Theater, Seattle Children’s Theater and ACT. Interns have come from New York, Illinois, Texas and Florida to work with Taproot’s staff and on productions.

Summer Showcase Performance
Summer interns are invited to participate in the Intern Showcase Performance on one of Taproot’s stages! This optional project is a great opportunity to showcase your skills, in acting or tech. In addition to your intern hours, please plan to spend 8 evening hours per week for 4 weeks, and 15-20 hours for the final week, culminating with a live performance on one of TTC’s stage, which will be attended by one of Taproot’s Artistic Staff. (approx. 52 total hours)
The showcase was created and produced by former Taproot intern and Director of Education and Outreach Nathan Kessler-Jeffrey.

Valuable Hands on Experience
While some of our internships are primarily observerships, the majority of internships provide opportunities for hands on learning and experience. Teaching interns work with students, lighting interns write cues, stage management interns tech and call Acting Studio shows. The majority of the time, interns learn by doing rather than watching, receiving opportunities to stretch their skills under the guidance of theatre professionals.

Access to Acting Classes and Workshops
Taproot Theatre Company hosts an Acting Studio for adults and children. During your internship, you will have the opportunity to participate in one class free of charge.

Complimentary Tickets to Plays
During your internship, you will receive four complimentary tickets for every Taproot Jewell Mainstage show. In addition, other theatres in town frequently give out complimentary tickets to their shows. Their offers are hung in the main office copy room. Keep an eye out for these notices and take advantage of seeing quality theatre for free!

Continued Involvement with Taproot
Taproot Theatre Company values people as a great resource and often employs former interns in positions appropriate to their talents, training and availability. While there is never a guarantee of employment following an internship, Taproot’s interns have had a reputation of staying involved with the company long after their internship has finished. Read intern success stories. 



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