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JANUARY 24 – FEBRUARY 24, 2024
January 24 & 25 at 7:30pm 
Opening Night:
January 26 at 7:30pm
Pay What You Can:
January 31 at 7:30pm

Wed/Thu/Fri: 7:30pm
Sat: 2pm & 7:30pm

Length: Approx. 2 1/4 hours, including one 15-minute intermission
Age Recommendation: 14+ (children under 5 are never admitted)
Sensitivity Warning: TBA

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Taproot Theatre opens 2024 Mainstage Season celebrating Shakespeare’s legacy and the 400th anniversary of his First Folio with The Book of Will

The Book of Will at Taproot

Kicking off Taproot Theatre’s 2024 Jewell Mainstage Season this winter is Lauren Gunderson’s The Book of Will, a witty, irreverent, and surprisingly modern tale of how Shakespeare’s friends preserved his theatrical legacy and made his First Folio happen 400 years ago. Directed by Taproot’s Producing Artistic Director, Karen Lund, the show opens on January 26, 2024 and runs through February 24, 2024.

An unforgettable true story! In an act of undying devotion, Shakespeare’s best friends race to do the impossible: Publish every play he wrote. This irreverent, witty, and surprisingly modern tale celebrates friendship, found family, and an unselfish act that changed the world forever. From the author of Silent Sky and the Christmas at Pemberley series.

Karen Lund directs Chris Clark, William Eames, Nik Doner, Melanie Godsey, Llysa Holland, Reginald André Jackson, Eric Jensen, Andrew Litzky, Nolan Palmer, and Nikki Visel. Zandi Carlson, Mark Kuntz, Joe Moore, and Jeff Allen Pierce understudy.

The production team includes Bretteney Beverly, assistant director; Mark Lund, scenic and sound design; Nanette Acosta, costume design; Michael Wellborn, lighting design; Kathryn Louise, stage manager; Leah Fishbaugh, dialect coach; and Dami Munroe, dramaturg.

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The cast of The Book of Will share something surprising they’ve learned about Shakespeare’s legacy or his friends since preparing for this play.

William Eames and Melanie Godsey

Llysa Holland Nik Doner Reginald Andre Jackson

Llysa Holland: “Surprise to learn Rebecca’s marriage to John was her 2nd! (Widowed at 15 by an actor’s dare!) … Surprised to realize the Heminges were still technically greengrocers at the same time he was running the King’s Men.”

Nik Doner: “How many fakes were going around.”

Reginald André Jackson: “How desperate and daunting a task the First Folio was.”

Nikki Visel & Nolan Palmer

Nikki Visel: “How many other businesses actors were involved in (inns, ale houses, coal, etc.).”

Nolan Palmer: “That they had remembrance rings from Will.”

Eric Jensen, Andrew Litzky, and Christopher Clark

Andrew Litzky: “The disparate sources they had to use to cobble together the plays.”

Christopher Clark: “I was surprised to discover that without the huge efforts of so many people, we wouldn’t have the most celebrated words in the English language.”



Zandi Carlson: “I love seeing the relationship with the women in the players’ lives, and how they helped shape this important moment.”

Mark Kuntz: “The legacy speaks for itself–putting a human face on the legend is powerful. These people are friends, they’re human. It’s poignant to remember that. The love is real, the stakes were sky-high.”

Joe Moore: “I was surprised by how William Shakespeare created the exact conditions that made it so hard to publish and preserve his work.”



Friends & Community: Letterpress Posters by Beautiful Angle
Tacoma’s letterpress poster project

January 19 – March 4, 2024

Beautiful Muffin posterBeautiful Angle is a letterpress street-art poster project in Tacoma, Washington, founded in 2002. Approximately once per month, graphic designer Lance Kagey and writer Tom Llewellyn create handcrafted letterpress posters and distribute them around the city via wheat paste, staples, and car windows.

In the summer of 1999, graphic designer Lance Kagey was introduced to the art of letterpress printing through a visit to a British Columbia studio and through a program at Seattle’s School of Visual Concepts. Kagey purchased a circa-1950s Challenge proof press through eBay for $50. After paying more than 12 times that amount in shipping and after months of self-education and experimentation, Kagey and copywriter and author Tom Llewellyn began producing posters.

The first poster, Swirl, was distributed on October 31, 2002, the anniversary of the posting of The NinetyFive Theses by Martin Luther. Beautiful Angle has used a variety of printing techniques, including split fountain color process, a two-color double run, and a brayer over a printed image. A typical press run is 100 posters, of which 80 are posted around the downtown area of Tacoma, and the remainder are sold. Beautiful Angle has a “strange, contradictory relationship with the city”; even though the posters are posted perhaps illegally, the group has won a Chamber of Commerce award of merit. Beautiful Angle has also worked with other artists such as Art Chantry and Stan Shaw.

Beautiful Angle and The Book of Will
Ink and paper – presses and folios – friends and community – these are the essential elements of the story behind The Book of Will. These are also the essential elements of the story behind Beautiful Angle. Shakespeare’s friends come together to print his legacy, to the benefit of their community, to speak to their time as well as the eternal nature of humankind. When I was considering artists for Taproot’s Kendall Center Exhibition Series whose work complemented The Book of Will, I naturally thought of Lance Kagey’s and Tom Llewellyn’s engaging Beautiful Angle project. Their friendship, their focus, and their letterpress printing skills combine with a deep and passionate commitment to their Tacoma community and its legacy. I hope you enjoy the stories they tell as much as the one you will hear on our Mainstage.

All works are for sale through the Beautiful Angle website – https://beautifulangle.com/. Please view their extensive inventory and more details about their longstanding, impactful project.

Gina Cavallo, Curator & Director of Development, Taproot Theatre


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