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After 44 years with Taproot Theatre Company, Scott and Pam Nolte are retiring. We would like to honor their dedication and leadership. Will you join us in offering appreciation and congratulations to them in this virtual guest book?

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We'll miss you!


Thanks to you both for making this volunteer always feel welcome and part of the Taproot team.  So sorry (for you) and glad (for the community) that you were at the help during the pandemic.  May you enjoy a well-earned next phase of life, including, I hope, lots of sunshine and warm beaches.

Carolyn Righi & Dan Wohlgemuth


This festival was first held in 2013. Theater groups such as Teater Mandiri (Jakarta), Teater Satu (Bandar Lampung), and Teater Garasi (Yogyakarta) once enlivened Helateater Salihara. Since 2018, Salihara has started holding open calls to provide opportunities for the development of a new generation of theater arts in Indonesia.

Helateater Salihara 2021 with the theme "Re-Transfer Theater". Through an open invitation process, Salihara offers prospective performers a discourse to digitally reproduce their works that have been presented offline or online.

The theme "Re-Switching Theater" invites prospective performers to explore the possibilities of theater performances that take into account a virtual perspective, not just broadcast the recording. Through an open invitation process, Salihara has selected the best four groups to appear pengertian senam lantai at the Salihara 2021 Helateater from the 20 proposals they have received from all over Indonesia. They are the Patodongi Studio (Makassar), Petra Theater (Jakarta), and the Sakatoya Community (Yogyakarta). One performer was guest star from Mexico, namely Fortuna Creative Collective.