Taproot Theatre Company Presents: Christmas At Home

A Virtual Christmas Tradition for You and Your Family

Haul out the holly, your Taproot Christmas tradition continues this year! Gather your loved ones, get comfy on the couch, and join some of your favorite Taproot artists as they share songs, stories and Christmas traditions that make the holiday season special. Created by director Karen Lund and recorded in living rooms across the country, the Taproot Theatre family has come together to bring you your Christmas tradition – at home.


This year, Taproot wants you to pay what’s right for you: $20, $35 or $50. All prices provide the same level of access to Christmas at Home.

While only you know the price that works for you, please consider:

Additionally, in the spirit of the holiday season, we are happy to offer alternative pricing options:



Christmas at Home is sponsored in part by Piper Village and Ballard Industrial, Inc.

TICKETS ON SALE NOW | Nov 27, 2020 – Jan 3, 2021
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