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Christmas Touring


Making a Christmas event special is easy when you include Taproot Theatre in your plans! Since 1976, Taproot has provided entertainment for Christmas dinners, brunches, events and Sunday services. Our teams of professional actors come prepared to give your audience a great time, bringing everything needed for an exciting theatrical experience. This year, we would love to share our shows with your church family as you celebrate the birth of Christ!

Taproot Theatre Company creates theatre experiences to brighten the spirit, engage the mind and deepen the understanding of the world around us while inspiring imagination, conversation and hope.

Share the joy of Christmas with your church or organization with a Taproot Theatre Touring production.

Touring November 28 through December 22

Call 206.529.3669 or e-mail us to schedule a performance.

“… superb play and performance!! We always are happy with Taproot and what you bring to our event, but this year exceeded our expectations … Great job, one and all!!”   ~ Cindy Sanders, Refuge Church

“Superb…impacting…unforgettable.”    ~ Barry Brenden, Highlands Community Church

Taproot Theatre’s 2015
Christmas Touring Repertoire



I’ll Be Home For Christmas
By Courtney Kessler
Directed by Jenny Estill

Jesse is returning home from a two-year trip. His parents have planned a surprise party, it’s a perfect snowy Christmas Eve and he can’t wait to see his dog! Then a spontaneous act of kindness leads to a sudden change of plans, and while his parents are left holding the cookies, Jesse befriends a young runaway. Nothing goes quite as expected in this Christmas comedy about forgiveness, hope and calling.

4 actors, 50 minutes




Hark the Harold
By Melanie Hampton
Directed by Nathan Jeffrey

“There’s no way they’d give me a mission that important!” Harold is not the brightest angel in the heavenly host, and Harold’s enthusiastic shenanigans are really trying the patience of his new partner, Gabriel. As the two carry messages to Zechariah, Joseph and Mary, will they realize God’s plan for redemption? Find out while watching the Nativity unfold from a heavenly perspective in Taproot Theatre’s hilarious production of Hark the Harold this Christmas.

3 actors, 45 minutes


The Carpenter’s Gift
By BJ Smyth
Directed by Tanya Barber

Ruth and Isaac are experiencing all the wackiness that accompanies producing their church’s annual Christmas play, when a new hiccup arises—Joe, their carpenter, has fallen in love with Marie, a new church member. Scurrilous rumors begin to fly regarding Marie’s past, and people frown on the growing relationship. When Joe leaves town with Marie, Ruth and Isaac’s hopes for setting the Christmas play in a state-of-the-art stable are dashed! But why is that more important than their friend—the carpenter? Motives are tested and transformed as Ruth and Isaac learn the true joy of sacrifice that is the embodiment of Christmas.

2 actors, 35 minutes


It’s A Wonderful Improvised Life

Created by Danny Walter and Randy Dixon

It’s a familiar story we’ve all watched dozens of time, but Taproot Theatre’s Improv Team presents it with new twists and turns in every performance. Using It’s a Wonderful Life as a guide, creator Danny Walter has put together a play that four of Taproot’s improvisers make unique by soliciting key story elements from audience members. Come and make history while having a blast and enjoying a night full of laughs as you experience It’s A Wonderful Improvised Life.

4 actors, 55-60 minutes



Contact TTC’s Associate Director of Education and Outreach, Shelby Parsons or call 206.529.3669, for assistance in selecting the right play for your needs.

Touring Prices*

First Performance $550
Second Performance
(Same play, same day, same location)

* A travel fee is added for all destinations.







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