Taproot Theatre’s
Jewell Mainstage

204 N 85th St
Seattle, WA 98103

Taproot Theatre’s
Isaac Studio Theatre

212 N 85th St
Seattle, WA 98103


From I-5 (north or southbound):


Here are some resources to help you plan your trip: 

Spend less time paying to park with the CallToPark and PayByPhone apps (now required for many lots)learn more about CallToPark here and learn more about PayByPhone here.

Taking the bus? Routes 5 and 45 stop close to Taproot Theatre. 


(last updated February 2024)

Spend less time paying to park with the “CallToPark” or “PayByPhone” app.

We suggest allowing at least 30 minutes of extra time to park due to recent changes in parking availability and increased traffic. Taproot patrons are asked to park only in the suggested lots below or use nearby street parking. Parking in any other parking lot (including Fred Meyer) could cause your car to be ticketed or towed at your expense.

There is a 3-minute passenger load zone on the corner of N 85th St and Palatine Ave N (the street just west of the theatre).

Paid Parking Lot Options:

1. PIPER VILLAGE EAST & MORROW LANE (Limited Paid Parking): Located directly behind Taproot Theatre, limited paid parking is available in otherwise unmarked parking spots (stalls 6-13 behind the theatre as well as various spots along the Eastern half of Morrow Lane). The outer parking spots in the parking lot behind the theatre (spots 6-13) are available, the center spots (16-23) are not. Do not park in the Razzi’s parking spots or any other marked parking spots. Patrons must use a phone app for payment. CalltoPark: 106378

2. ATLAS COFFEE (Paid Parking after 6PM): Located at 201 N 85th St, across the street from Taproot Theatre on 85th St. Paid parking is available after 5PM. Patrons must use a phone app for payment. Operated by Diamond Parking. PayByPhone: 1626. CalltoPark: 117949.

3. NORTH STAR DINER (Paid Parking): Located behind North Star Diner on 87th St, half way between Greenwood Ave and Phinney Ave. Paid parking is available after 5 PM. Patrons using this lot must pay by credit card at the kiosk in the Northeast corner of the lot or download Reef Mobile App. Operated by Republic Parking.

4. CHASE BANK (Paid Parking): Located behind the Chase Bank on the corner of Greenwood Ave N and N 85th St.  Patrons must use a phone app for payment. Operated by Diamond Parking. PaybyPhone: 1512. CalltoPark: 127915. Park Mobile Zone #6065.

5. WINDERMERE REALTY (Paid Parking): Located on the south side of 85th St, across from Chase Bank. Paid parking is available after 5 PM. Patrons must use a phone app for payment. Operated by Diamond Parking. PaybyPhone: 1827. CalltoPark: 165931

6. SOUTH 85TH ST LOT (Paid Parking): Located on the south side of 85th St across from Phinney Ave/Bank of America. CalltoPark: 175946. PaybyPhone: 1676. Park Mobile Zone # 6146.

7. WINWARD COMMUNICATIONS GROUP (Paid Parking): Located on the north side of 85th St, east of Dayton Ave. Patrons must use a phone app for payment. PaybyPhone: 1869 or 42124. CalltoPark: 178762 or 175154. Pay for Parking: 6162.

8. PIPER VILLAGE IN FRONT OF BARTELLS (Paid Parking only available after 7pm):
Located on the north side of 85th in front of Bartells, west of Palatine. Patrons must use a phone app for payment. Operated by Shamrock Parking. CalltoPark: 173745

*Taproot Theatre Company is not affiliated with Atlas Coffee, Bartell Drugs, Bank of America, CalltoPark, Chase Bank, Diamond Parking, North Star Diner, Park Mobile, PaybyPhone, Pay for Parking, Platinum Parking, Piper Village, Premium Parking, Republic Parking, Reef Mobile, Snapdoodle Toys, Windermere Realty, or Winward Communications Group. 


Jewell Mainstage Theatre & Isaac Studio Theatre

Late Seating
For the safety of our patrons and actors, late seating and reseating is at the discretion of the House Manager. Please arrive 30 minutes prior to curtain.

Wheelchair Accessible Seating
Wheelchair accessible seating is available. Ask our Box Office or look for seats marked “WH” online when purchasing your tickets.
Please note that balcony seating is only accessible by stairs.

Hearing Loop & Sennheiser Assisted Listening Devices
The Jewell Mainstage Theatre is equipped with a Hearing Loop which allows our patrons with T-Coil enabled hearing aids or cochlear implants to wirelessly connect to our sound system with the switch of a button.

When you enter the Jewell Mainstage Theatre, simply switch your device to the (T) setting.

For those without T-Coil enabled listening devices, a limited number of Hearing Loop receiver units are available to check out from the Box Office in addition to our Sennheiser headsets.

Young Children and Babies
Jewell Mainstage Theatre: Children under 5 and babes in arms are never admitted.
Isaac Studio Theatre: Varies by production.  

Food or Drink
Non-Alcoholic Beverages
from Taproot concessions are allowed in the theatre in disposable paper or plastic cups with lids. Water bottles with a lid are allowed in the theatre.

Alcoholic Beverages from Taproot concessions are allowed in the theatre ONLY in reusable Taproot acrylic tumblers. In compliance with state liquor laws only alcoholic beverages may be served in these tumblers. Refills of Taproot tumblers will be discounted.

Food is Not Permitted in the Theatre.

Cell Phones, Beepers & Watch Alarms
Please turn off all cell phones, beepers and watch alarms for the duration of the performance.

Videotaping or photographing any production is strictly prohibited, and is a viola­tion of U.S. Copyright Law.

Lost & Found
All items left in the theatre are brought to the Box Office Lost & Found. When the Lost & Found is full, items will be donated to local thrift stores. If you believe you have lost something at our theatre, please contact the Box Office at 206.781.9707.

Inclement Weather Policy
Taproot performances will only be cancelled if the I-5 freeway is closed or the theatre loses power. If a performance is cancelled ticket refunds and exchanges will be offered. If you are unable to attend a performance due to snow or inclement weather, contact the Box Office to exchange your tickets. If you miss your performance due to inclement weather, contact the Box Office to past date your tickets.


Flintcreek Cattle Company: Serving premium meats from well managed small-scale farms and ranches, Flintcreek wants you to experience lean meats with bold flavors in a fun and inviting atmosphere. Reservations are recommended.

North Star Diner: Our local neighborhood diner offers all-day breakfast and a fun atmosphere.

The Olive and Grape: Vibrant mom-and-pop restaurant featuring a simple menu of Turkish, Greek and Italian fare, plus cocktails and wine.

Razzi’s Pizzeria: With four complete menus (Traditional, Gluten-Free, Vegan and Gluten-Free/Vegan), Razzi’s has something for everyone.

Satay Bar: Southeast Asian cuisine with an emphasis on Thai.

Season subscribers are reminded they can use their subscription rewards card at several local eateries.