Hope & Courage

Taproot Theatre’s 2020 Fundraising Gala

Saturday, April 25, 2020


Never before have we experienced a time quite like this. In the past when we have been faced with fear and uncertainty we have done the one thing we know to do … we gather.

And that’s exactly what Taproot invites you to do now. 

Join us live (but online) in a spirit of philanthropy and celebration. If you bring the HOPE for Taproot’s bright future, Taproot will bring the COURAGE to make it happen.

The annual Gala is Taproot Theatre’s most ambitious fundraiser of the year supporting a professional mainstage season, acting studio and school touring program that serves over 150,000 yearly. 


This year more than ever Taproot needs your support.
Come gather with us!


Hope & Courage

Taproot Theatre’s 2020 Annual Gala
A Virtual Gathering



David Allais
Scott & Karen Altus
David & Anne Ball
Banner Bank
Craig Barwell & Denise Daniels Barwell
Larry & Lorann Bjork
Tom & Linda Burley
Christopher & Patricia Craig
Benjamin & Amanda Davis
Gary & Deborah Ferguson
Douglas & Linda Freyberg

Mrs. Dorothy Herley
John & Judith Hubbell
Daniel Ichinaga & Allison Cook
Kraig & Pam Kennedy
Peter & Megumi Morrill
Petra Charitable Foundation
Brian & Christa Poel
Tom & Claudia Rengstorf
George & Claire Scranton
Kristen & Matthew Thornton
Daniel & Margret Voetmann
The Woodward Family