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Employment Opportunities

Technicians for Rental Staff Services

This job includes:   Serving as Taproot representative for rentals; greeting renters and ensuring that they know their way around the building and the proper way to enter and exit the building, as well as safety protocols; running the sound and light board any time it is in use; monitoring use of The Lund Family Scene shop and authorizing the use of any equipment or tools as requested by the producer.

Responsibilities:  Arriving 10 minutes before Call to unlock stage door at call time and greet guest technicians and performers, locking door to maintain security after everyone has arrived; communicating with producer regarding proper break protocol to ensure that your breaks fit into the scheduling and, if additional coverage is needed, notifying the Taproot Rental Coordinator to check availability of a second person; making sure to record hours, including the times you clock-in and out, to report to the Production Stage Manager to assist with facility rental billing; fulfilling end of day protocol, which is communicating with house management and Stage Door Café staff when you leave the building to tell them that the Isaac Studio is closed and the greenroom is empty for the day; helping us maintain a safe environment for our guests (If there is a question regarding what a renter is allowed to use please text the Taproot Rental Coordinator and she will help you with the answer); feeling empowered to keep things black and white – if you know permission was not given to use a specific item do not feel pressured to change what was already agreed upon.

Skills Required:  Can program and run an ETC light board; experience as part of Hang and Focus crews; ability to read a light plot; familiarity with a sound program such as Qlab or SFX; excellent customer service skills; excellent problem solving skills; facilities management experience; house and/or stage management experience and basic carpentry skills are a plus.

If interested please submit resumes with references to the Production Stage Manager, Micah Trapp, at


Light and Sound Board Operators

We are seeking both Light and Sound Board operators for our upcoming 2015 season.
Light Board Operators should be familiar with an ETC board. We prefer if Sound Board operators are familiar with SFX, but it is not required. We are primarily looking at experience with some sound program, such as Qlab.
The pay rate for Board operators is $10 per hour.

If interested please email the Production Stage Manager, Micah Trapp, at


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