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Already a subscriber and have a question about your current or 2024 tickets?
Please call the Taproot Theatre box office at 206-781-9707
(Hours: 12pm–5pm, Tue–Sat)


We have a new system for subscriptions and ticket ordering, and it will ask you to sign into your account.


  1. Click the button above to access the purchasing page.
  2. You will be asked to sign in. This is a new step in the process, so follow the next steps carefully.
  3. Enter the email address where you usually receive your Taproot subscriber information.
  4. Click “Reset your password.” Do not “create an account.” If you have purchased a subscription or tickets from Taproot before, our new customer database has your account already set up.
  5. It can take up to 5 minutes for the password reset email to arrive.
  6. Follow the prompts to reset your password (even though you may not have ever had a password before).
  7. The next screen will allow you to choose your subscription package. (Please remember: to keep your seats, you must renew a 5-play subscription.)
  8. If you want something that will be a different price from your previous subscription (i.e. a different night/3-play), please do a new order from the subscription package page.
  9. If you are just requesting seating changes there will be a comment box to enter that request when you renew.


Your email address and new password are now your account login for your subscription! Save this information for later use. Thank you!