C.S. Lewis once wrote, “There are no ordinary people. You have never talked to a mere mortal.” The intricate stories and unsolved mysteries contained inside ourselves and every person that we meet are part of what makes each new encounter an exciting possibility.

The 2020 Season will take you on a serious (and seriously funny) journey to get to know yourself AND the more-than-mere mortal sitting right next to you. Whether it’s a story of true identity, new identity or even mistaken identity, this season is an opportunity to explore the things we never knew about ourselves and our neighbors and to celebrate the things that bind us together.

Babette’s Feast‘s pivotal character is a stranger whose true identity is slowly revealed, See How They Run is a madcap romp of mistaken identities, and The Spitfire Grill shows us a town full of neighbors reaching for rediscovery and hope.

When we experience a play together, whether it’s a comedy, drama or musical, the characters that cross the stage illuminate our lives and prompt insight, gasps and giggles. As life seems to move faster and society feels more fragmented, sometimes the theater is one of the best places to see clearly, and maybe even meet the onstage version of your neighbor (and yourself)!

I’m delighted to welcome you to join our journey this year.

See you soon,



Scott Nolte
Producing Artistic Director

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Crossing thousands of miles in search of asylum, Babette finds safety across the fjords in a tiny mountain village. But petty squabbles and personal slights render the pious villagers as frigid and unforgiving as their surroundings. In one radical act of generosity, Babette prepares a feast so lavish it awakens grace and transforms brittle hearts.


All Penelope wants is an evening out; surely even vicars’ wives can have an innocent night on the town with an old friend. But between a buzzed busy-body in the closet, a volley of vicars galloping across the lawn and a Soviet spy on the loose, this night is racing toward insanity. Precocious and preposterous, this comedy is quintessentially English.


Percy is fresh out of prison and searching for a new life when she arrives in Gilead and meets Hannah, who is ready to leave The Spitfire Grill behind. After Percy convinces Hannah to run a contest and raffle off the grill, entries start pouring in from around the country and rumors and secrets swirl through the once picture-perfect town. In this soul-stirring musical, forgiveness and a spirit of hope go a long way in pointing the way home.

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