Christmas Touring 2021

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Open on Christmas

by Kristin Trease and Isaiah Custer

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By Anne K. Brady

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God Bless Us, Everyone

By Emily Shuel

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Back by popular demand! When four strangers find themselves sitting together at a restaurant on Christmas, it’s the last place any of them want to be. With families in chaos and disappointment at every turn they share their dreams and struggles. As they open up to each other, they discover something they were all missing. In this offbeat and heartwarming comedy about peace and adventure, the special of the day is family. | 4 actors, 50 minutes

NEW for 2021! The perfect, imperfect story. It’s the night of the big Christmas pageant and Pastor Richard’s stage is set to impress with a choir, orchestra, live animals, and the perfect baby Jesus. But when snowplows, bus breakdowns, and colicky babies unravel the evening’s performance, Pastor Richard learns that the true Christmas story isn’t about the pageantry. It’s about that dark and silent night when everything went wrong until, miraculously, everything became right. | 4 actors, 50 minutes

NEW for 2021! Not even Eb wants to work on Christmas Eve. He’s planned the perfect holiday: Alone, surrounded by his favorite possessions. Little does he know that he’s in for a night full of surprises. Guided by your group’s suggestions, the Taproot Improv Team creates an unbelievable day that Eb must endure as he’s visited by the past, present, and future. Will Eb discover the true meaning of Christmas? In this improvised tale inspired by A Christmas Carol, no two performances are the same! | 4 actors, 50-55 minutes

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All three plays are touring in-person for Christmas 2021.

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Touring Prices

First Performance: $650

Second Performance: $400

(Same play, same day, same location)

A travel fee is added for all destinations.

Technical Needs:

• Access to acting area one hour before show to set up.

• Warm up room/changing rooms

• The minimum stage dimensions needed for all shows is 15 feet wide by 15 feet deep.

• Taproot Theatre does not provide amplification. Our actors are prepared to speak without amplification to groups of up to 200. If an organization would like to provide amplification, the actors will need hands-free lapel or over-ear microphones for each actor (4 needed per show).

Thank You

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Hazel Miller Foundation
St. John’s Lodge
Fredric Sjoholm, Trustee, Margery M. Jones Charitable Trust
Moccasin Lake Foundation
University-Ballard Lions Club
William H. and Mattie Wattis Harris Foundation